rest in peace
Published on September 8, 2022 By teddybearcholla In Life, the Universe and Everything


on Sep 08, 2022

May she truly Rest in Peace.   

on Sep 08, 2022

Yes, may she rest in peace...

on Sep 08, 2022

I will have lived longer than she reigned one day before my mother's 95 birthday next month.

RIP Elizabth Rex.

on Sep 08, 2022

Rest in Peace, Elizabeth.

You were an inspiration to several generations.

on Sep 08, 2022

Rest In Peace. A wonderful person and she will be missed   

on Sep 08, 2022

She was that, indeed, Paul. 

She dedicated her life to service. She should be remembered as a person who rose to the role circumstances chose for her, and did so in a way that was simply exemplary.

Rest in well earned peace, Elizabeth II Regina. One such as you will not come anytime soon.

Probably the best Queen Elizabeth II story from her bodyguard:

on Sep 09, 2022

Much love to those who are grieving her loss most closely.