This is a stretch I know, but in the  movie "The Earthling" filmed in Australia in 1979... excellent movie by the way... in the credits at the end, was the name Paul Martin   Jafo, something you did long ago?     

on Jul 25, 2020

No....but a long time mate of mine was in the credits.... as gaffer .....😊

on Jul 25, 2020



on Jul 28, 2020

Should mention...later on he was 'Lighting Guy' on the US series of Survivor ...starting with the second one...which was shot in Queensland.... and by the time it was 'Survivor Africa' he was Lighting Director, up until the whole shebang was sold to the network who promptly thought they could do it in-house better...

At about the same time his wife was inadvertently holding up filming of LOTR as she had their horse wrangler on 'The Pony Club' so filming af a big battle sequence was delayed a bit...